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Advantages of online coaching

We live in an amazing time. These days, we’ve got global access to goods and services with just a few clicks of the mouse. What’s more, there are thousands upon thousands of articles, videos, and scientific papers we can consume to expand our knowledge.

Plus, with a bit of research and small time investment, we can find dozens of incredible online coaches who are there to help guide us through the deep jungle of fitness.

We’re no longer constrained to a few local coaches for guidance. These days, we’ve got worldwide access to amazing individuals.

And if you feel skeptical about it, here are four incredible advantages of online coaching:

There Are No Time or Location Constraints

One significant drawback of in-person coaching is the constraint it can impose on us – both on our time and location of exercising.

Even if you were to find a great coach locally, you would still have to fit into their schedule and find the time to get to their training facility. In some cases, that’s not a problem. But most people have lots of obligations and can’t always train at a predetermined time of day.

An online coach fixes these issues because you don’t have to meet physically. You can train whenever it’s most convenient to you, and you can also schedule update emails and Skype calls at a time that works best for both of you.

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It’s Simple and Time-Effective

In-person and online coaching are fundamentally the same – one person shares their fitness knowledge and experience with another. But online coaching differs in some critical ways, and that’s where its benefits reside.

The entire process is quite simple. No matter who your coach is and what their preferred style of communication is, you can rest assured that the whole experience is quite simplistic and easy to follow.

The entire coaching experience is also time-effective. There’s no significant commitment to anything. All you have to do is invest a few minutes in updating your coach and letting them know of any questions or concerns you might have.

You Get To Do Everything at Your Own Pace

You receive everything in written form – your nutrition and training plans, tips, general information, and more. This allows you to consume information at your own pace, re-read everything if need be, and apply when it’s most convenient.

There is no struggle or pressure to remember everything on the spot because everything you receive is your forever and you can go back for a refresher as often as you’d like.

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They Keep You Accountable and Motivated

We all lose motivation and feel like giving up sometimes – it’s a normal part of fitness. But where in-person coaching fails is that it can’t keep you accountable the way online coaching can.

You see, if you feel like giving up, you can stop visiting the local gym and stop seeing your coach. There’s no long-term commitment, and you don’t have to provide them with any contact information. Training sessions are often paid for one at a time, so there’s no monetary commitment either.

But, online coaching is all about accountability. You are expected to provide your coach with a weekly or bi-weekly update on your progress (or lack thereof). This may seem insignificant, but knowing that your coach is going to be in your inbox or on a Skype call, expecting you to give an update is a powerful motivator to stick with your plan.

Plus, online coaching often asks for a payment upfront, which is another factor that would keep you motivated. If you’ve paid money for something, you are much more likely to take it seriously.

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