Become more independent while reaching more clients.

Paying high fees to be able to train your clients at a health club? Looking for additional income sources besides on premise coaching? Is your website still under construction? You’ve come to the right place!

Why FitnessTune?

Get the freedom to do what you love. Awareness surrounding living a healthy lifestyle is increasing by the day, as is the need for purpose in life. Your expertise will help people work towards those goals, whilst our platform will enable you to easily connect with those seeking your service.

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Get your profile & services online

Set up your professional profile and include your fitness & health related areas of expertise. List your services, working hours and any pictures that highlight your knowledge.

Organise & showcase your expertise

Increase your visibility on the FitnessTune platform by adding additional details about your fitness & health services, manage your schedule, client notes and list your group events.

Connect with those seeking your service

Promote yourself amongst community members by interacting in the available FitnessTune groups that fit your expertise. This will build your credibility and form the foundation to drive future business your way.

Get paid for online & offline coaching ​

Set your own prices for both online and offline coaching. Create and sell online courses that are easy to create with our course builder. Organise on-premise events and sell tickets. Get paid on your own terms.

We want you to succeed

Your success is our success. Registering as a professional gives you access to free resources that include articles and insights dedicated to growing your business, a 24/7 customer service for you and your clients and laser focus from our end to increase exposure on your expertise.

Tools that empower you

A platforms that enables you to streamline online coaching, centralise your face to face training, organise (outdoor) classes with the ability to sell tickets and increase visibility to potential clients from all over the world through the built-in community.

How to get started

Create your account

Your journey on FitnessTune starts with a free sign-up. Use the form at the bottom of this page to create your account.

Complete your profle

Your page is the key way how clients find you. Make a great first impression by highlighting your expertise and adding quality photos.

Start coaching your clients

As long as your experience meets the standards, you’re ready to start coaching clients and hosting fitness & health events.

Connect with more clients today

Create your account

Your FitnessTune account details

Choose a username and password to access the FitnessTune platform.

Connect with local clients

Share the city and country you live in so we can connect you with clients in your area that are looking for your services.

Your extended professional profile

Share a few details about you as a professional.

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