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They say that a fit and healthy body is made in the kitchen. One thing’s for sure: food & nutrition definitely play an important role, both on physical as well as mental fitness. In the articles listed below you’ll find insights, tips and knowledge on how you too can tweak your diet, helping you on your journey to become the best you.

Do you have any specific questions regarding food or nutrition? Need a little help creating sustainable change in your diet? Ask your question (anonymous) in our purposely built support group or connect with a professional nutritionist over at the FitnessTune community.

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Alcohol and Fitness – Can They Co-Exist?

Fitness and alcohol aren’t terms we normally see in the same sentence. Everywhere you look, there’s yet another video or article that demonizes alcohol. “Alcohol is fattening.” “Drinking wastes muscle mass and kills athletic performance.” And while there is some truth to these statements, the topic of alcohol within the context of fitness is quite nuanced, and the …

Alcohol and Fitness – Can They Co-Exist? Read More »

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