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Both physically & mentally. How? Well, we’d be honoured if we could use this opportunity to tell you a bit more about what we stand for and what FitnessTune can do for you to achieve our bold opening statement. Will you join us?

We believe there is a better way for you to

Reach your health & fitness goals

An easier, more transparent way, where you can easily connect with your required fitness or health professional and vice versa. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help you achieve it.

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Connect & Interact

In our fitness & health community.

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Explore & Discover

Local health & fitness events near you​.

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Learn & Grow

With health & fitness professionals.

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We’re excited to simplify physical and mental fitness for our community members and professionals alike through our platform and aim to make the industry a bit more transparent along the way.

Connect & Interact

In our fitness & health community to help achieve your goals

We have purposely built a fitness and health community where like minded people with a shared objective come together. Whether you want to know more about mindfulness, living a healthy lifestyle, losing a few pounds or tips on a training schedule for the gym, you all unite in one platform to share knowledge, insights and wisdom on how you too will be able to achieve your health and fitness related goals.

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No more relentless searching across a sea of different channels. Here you’ll find an ocean of easily accessible information and insights on topics that include mindfulness, the wider sports spectrum, nutrition and mental wellbeing.

The power of the community is even stronger if you decide to share your personal progress, motivation and inspiration with community members, as they too are on the same journey as you. We fully enable you to decide who is allowed to view and interact with your shared content items, so your privacy is ensured and secured.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Post your question and we will make sure to connect you with the right professional to get you your needed information in a fast and efficient way.​

Articles to help you on your way

We regularly write articles with the goal to help you achieve your health & fitness related goals. Discover and dive deeper into topics like mindfulness, goal setting, sustainable dieting and gym routines. Pick your topic of interest below.

Food & Nutrition

They say that a fit and healthy body is made in the kitchen.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Get in tune with your body, mind and soul while reducing stress.


Working Out & Advice

Learn to balance a busy lifestyle with physical activity.


Explore & Discover

Local health & fitness events near you​

Participating in mental or physical group activities is way more fun and definitely easier on your wallet. So join the regular or one-off events organised by our professionals that will help you grow, both mentally and physically.

We made it extremely simple to find them by providing you an overview of events that’s easy to navigate, yet powerful with extensive filtering options.

Whether you are looking for a local bootcamp class, a mindfulness course in your vicinity or a yoga retreat; we’ve got it all listed. It truly is as simple as browse, find, register and train your body or replenish your mind.​

Our latest publications, for you

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  • Food & Nutrition
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Working Out & Lifestyle Advice
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Working Out & Lifestyle Advice

Working Out At Home With Limited Equipment

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Working Out & Lifestyle Advice

Discover The Importance of Compound Exercises

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Food & Nutrition

Sustainable Weight Loss Part II: A Deeper Look Into Flexible Dieting

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Learn & Grow

With local health & fitness professionals

Behind every successful person is a strong support team. It’s no different in the world of fitness and health, so there should be no shame for you too to ask for support or help. FitnessTune is the right place to start.

Here you have all the tools available to securely find, connect and interact with fitness & health professionals in a convenient way, whether you want to train online or offline.

We will help you easily find the most suitable coach based on your location, goals, reviews and of course by simply engaging on our community platform. Found a professional you’d like to connect with? The first interaction is only a button press away.

Unique is the availability of private secure groups operated by those same professionals. A place where they can share anything they would like to share with a broader group of people they have allowed access, enabling true online group coaching.​

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