The woman with yoga posture on the mountain at sunset.
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Mindfulness Exercises to Build Focus

Focus is one of those powerful skills which can help you in all aspects of life. Focus can assist in maintaining a healthy diet, staying on track with an exercise plan, finishing projects, and much more.

Mindfulness is a key method for improving and honing focus. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware, in a nonjudgmental manner, of one’s environment and surroundings. The more one builds their practice with mindfulness, the more their focus improves.

Here are some mindfulness exercises you can incorporate into your life to help you become more mindful and build focus.


We always carry our breath with us. It is available whether we’re stuck in traffic, on the phone with customer service, or dealing with an out-of-sorts family member.

Pause for a moment.

Take a long, cleansing breath in. Feel the air move past your nostrils on its way into your lungs. Feel your diaphragm extend. Oxygen is nourishing you.

Now breathe out. Expel the toxins and chemicals your body doesn’t want. Remember that this, too, shall pass. Whatever this issue is, it will soon be in the past. You can only do your best. That being done, there will be other things to use your energy for in the coming days.


Woman in nature near a lake being mindful
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Find Simple Joy

Think about the burdens that billions of people on our planet shoulder. Lack of clean water. Lack of nutritious food. So many of us are blessed and we take it for granted. Take a moment to become aware of the many blessings which are already around you. Maybe it is the clothes you wear. Maybe it is the food and drink you have available to you. Maybe there is a person in your life who you are thankful for.

Take a moment to offer gratitude for each item. For the shoes on your feet. For the roof over your head. For your ability to have this pause in whatever health situation you face. For no matter what challenges you reach, there is always someone out there facing a larger burden.

Give thanks.

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Be Compassionate With Yourself

Our modern society can hold up impossibly unrealistic ideals. Women are instructed to look young, thin, and beautiful at all times. Men are told they must be handsome, rich, strong, and able to weather any emotional hurdle without reaction.

Many people, as a result, find themselves focusing on their flaws. On the skills or body parts which they feel are lacking.

Imagine that you are outside of yourself, looking at yourself as a beloved young child. Offer compassion to that child. Understanding. There is always room to grow and learn – that is part of being human. But at the same time, we all deserve care just the way we are. We deserve to feel appreciated. Wanted. Needed.

Offer yourself that self-care. That encouragement. That kindness.

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Take Home Message

Mindfulness builds day on day, hour on hour, minute on minute. The focus it brings impacts all aspects of your life. If you keep taking the steps, they will bring a fuller focus and clarity in everything you do.


The woman with yoga posture on the mountain at sunset.
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